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Swedish giant Ikea opening shopping mall in Zagreb, Croatia

Swedish company Ikea is planning to open first shopping mall  in Zagreb, Croatia. That is going to be the first Ikea shopping center  in this region. Ikea is going to be  situated on East side of city, in  part of Zagreb named Rugvica, near city of Ivanja Reka.

Board members  of Ikea Croatia  are planning to finish the shopping mall  building  until the end of year 2013. Opening of the first Ikea in region is going to be, as estimated  in the end of year  2013. or in spring  of year 2014.

The most important  part of opening process is that Swedish giant  is going to  employ 200 employers in the year 2013.  Ikea predicts that final number of employees in Croatia is going to be 350. During 2013. they will constantly advertise  new job positions. It is expected that employment process culmination is going to be 6 months before opening of  Ikea shopping mall in Zagreb, Croatia.

Total investment in Croatia is 100 million Euros.

Ikea is planning to develop its business further more on Croatian market  and of course in the region.The business plan is to open new Ikea malls in Split and Rijeka and  five shopping malls in Serbia. That is well known strategy of Ikea  when  entering into new markets. Considering that  Ikea in Serbia is in the faze of land purchase it is not known how big the total investment in five Serbian malls is going to be.

Nevertheless, Croatian timber company  Tvin from Virovitica is producing for Ikea last 30 years chairs and office furniture. They are aware of significance and importance of foreign investors for Croatian companies and economy, especially as  fast developing as Swedish Ikea.